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"Cinema Marathon" at the Roda Cinema, Arena Cineplex and Mobil 3D cinemas

A movie magazine titled "Cinema Marathon" on Wednesday, August 23rd, will treat all those who enjoy the magic of the movie on a big screen.

On that day, the cinema Roda Cineplex and Arena Cineplex will feature current 2D and 3D hits at a price of only 150 dinars. The program in the cinemas Roda Cineplex in Belgrade and Arena Cineplex in Novi Sad will start from 11 pm, and the visitors of these two cinemas will be able to enjoy a marathon combo package that includes juice and popcorn at a price of 150 dinars. Mobil-3D cinema visitors to Apatin, Smederevo, Paracin, Pozarevac, Mladenovac, Lazarevac and Zrenjanin will also be able to enjoy tickets at the same price.

Projections in these cities will start at 14:00, when the cartoon comedy "Despicable me 3" will be broadcast, and from 4 pm another spectacle for the youngest "Emoji film" will be broadcast. At 17.45, "Spider-Man: Returning Home", he introduces viewers to Peter Parker's newest adventures. After this screening, at 20.00 on screeen is  "The Dark Tower", movie based on Steven King's novels. The program is ending at 22.00 with horror film "Amityville: Awakening".