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24th international festival of children's theatres Subotica

International Festival of Children's Theatre in Subotica imposed the widest public theater from the very beginning - thanks, above all, wise and fundamental koncipovanim basic programming principles and principles - as one of the most respected European, but also international festivals, taking so pivotal place in the region of the Western Balkans. When, therefore, in 1994 founded and unfounded volatile and little faith considered this act adventure. Long ago, fortunately, we know that he is not only a reality, but the fact.

Based on the high achievements of contemporary theater aesthetics, directed and facing being and perceptions of young viewers he is offered a repertoire, and how these contributed to the affirmation of the total European and global creative minds in the field, a different understanding of semiotics, and thus the semantics of this type of prikazivaštva . In a word, he knew how to detect, recognize and present the court the general public all the things he cares about artists today in theaters for children. Hence his twenty-two last year and participation of five hundred and fifty dramatic ensembles from forty-six countries actually are not a review, but contribution to the history and anthology of world puppetry and theater for kids, it unequivocally is appointed and is characterized as one of the most important national manifestation of culture of the Republic of Serbia - far beyond its borders.

Such a program orientation International Festival is the best possible way showed and proved how from such a cultural center, what is Subotica can judge the merits and superiority, but also affect the movement and development of the contemporary world theater for children in general.

For all these reasons, and not without reason, he became the epicenter of one of the few oases of precious confrontation contemporary literary scene and theoretical scientific achievements, but also one of the unavoidable factor of European and world integration processes in the field of culture.

This year's festival takes place from 24.09. to 29.09. a complete program can be viewed on the web site http://www.lutfestsubotica.net