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Kupusijada Mrčajevci - from 15.09. - 17.09.

"Kupusijada" is an event that will be held every three weeks in the month of September of the current year, the city of Čačak Mrcajevci geographical area Šumadija. "Cabbage" as such has entered all the tourist map of Serbia and became one of the notable tourist destinations.

"Kupusijada" aims to be remembered for a very rich cultural and artistic program, where it will be three days rotate folklore and singing groups, brass orchestra, toaster, pipers (over a thousand contractors from all over Serbia and abroad), as well as numerous entertainers stars, with the aim of preserving and nurturing original folk creativity and encourage cultural and artistic amateurism. This is a great festival of Serbian tradition and art.

Within the duration of the event with special attention to all producers of cabbage, and those who want to learn more about this culture, maintain the scientific and professional meetings about new varieties, production technology, processing and marketing of products cabbage and cabbage.

Holding meetings is entrusted to the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade and Cacak Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural station "Shepherd" Čačak.

Central program for which events "Cabbage" brings together 1,000 artists-participants-contestants and tens of thousands of visitors curious-is the competition in preparing cabbage, the main specialties of western Serbia.