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11th International Science Festival

The largest Regional Science Festival will be traditionally held from December 14 to 17, 2017, with the clear purpose - to present, explain, and promote science in a way that is equally close and clear to everyone, regardless of age and education.

During the past ten years, the Serbian Science Festival has grown into the largest scientific event in the region of Southeast Europe. The goal of the Science Festival is to promote well-known and promoted unappreciated scientists from domestic and foreign spaces, but also to stimulate interest in science by simple demonstration of the fact that it is interesting in itself, inspiring and above all fun.

The Serbian Science Festival was created in 2007 as a result of the desire to point to science as an inseparable and irresistible part of life and to provide an inspiring, new and fresh look at different scientific areas. The inescapable part of this mission from the beginning was bringing science closer to a non-expert audience and provoking interest not only in dealing with science, but also in understanding it in everyday life.

At the eleventh Science Festival, over 550 young scientists will be presented to the audience in interactive and interestingly studied areas, interesting science-popular programs on the scene, numerous guests from abroad, as well as workshops for the youngest.

Pedagogues say that it is most effective in learning, and through the educational and entertainment program you will see the irritability of science. At the Festival, science is as easy as a game, beautiful as art, exciting as an experiment and fun as a show.

More info at http://www.festivalnauke.org