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The reconstruction of the Synagogue in Subotica has been completed

After more than four decades of tingling and decay, the reconstruction of the Synagogue, the most magnificent sacral object in Subotica, was completed.

All the major works on the interior and exterior of the secessionist pearls of the architects Marcel Comoros and Deza Jakaba have been completed, the rest are minor repairs, and the official opening is expected between March 1 and March 15.

The Emergency Restoration of the Synagogue began in 2012 and the joint forces of the City of Subotica, the provincial and republic governments rebuilt, stage, outer parts of the facades, while the interior design was financed by the Government of Hungary with 1.6 million euros.

In the renewal of the Synagogue, which now has an authentic appearance as it was built in 1902, experts, builders and restaurateurs from Serbia and Hungary took part. Stained glass, the famous works of Mikša Rota, was restored by the Stanišić family from Sombor, while the glass parts of the door and passage were entrusted to Joseph Kovač and Rudolf Mesaros.

Otherwise, the Subotica Synagogue is the second largest in Europe, just after the Budapest. The central dome is 40 meters high, 850 on the ground floor and 550 in the gallery. When it was built, on Sunday, about 4,000 people came to Shabbat.

Source: subotica.com