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Martovski Festival - festival of documentary and short film

Martovski Festival (Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film), one of the world's longest-running European film festivals, is celebrating its jubilee release at the moment of the greatest success of the Serbian documentary film, the main award for Mila Turajlić in Amsterdam.

Drawing on the multi-year successful concept of creating conditions for producing domestic documentary, short films, animated and experimental films by the Film Center of Serbia, the Martov Festival organized by the Dom omladine Beograd with Marko Popović, director and producer, as art director and Boban Jevtic, Special Adviser, will be 65th time from March 28 to April 1, 2018.

This year, a record number of domestic and foreign films have been reported for the competition selection - almost 4,000. The Martov Festival is growing, not only in the number of submitted films and the number of days (this year 5), but also in the number of guests, program units and accompanying programs, and, most importantly, the domestic and international importance and interest of the professional public and the wide audience.

The Martov Festival will offer an exclusive view of the future of the film - a virtual reality. All visitors will be able to find the special VR glasses in the center of exciting documentary stories as direct participants and first-hand viewers.

The price of tickets this year will amount to 200 dinars according to the projection, ie the date of presentation of short films, whereas free passes will be provided for FDU students and other film academies.

More info at: http://www.martovski.rs