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Step into the future at the Belgrade Fair

The International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, the largest, oldest, most famous and the most distinguished regional specialized development and technological fair manifestation, from which the majority of today's largest fairs of the Belgrade Fair have developed during the long history, will be held this year from May 21st to 25th.

Under the already known slogan "Step into the future," around 600 exhibitors from thirty countries will present the dominant technical and technological trends, primarily in the sector of the latest industrial technologies, "Industry 4.0" and smart factories, tools, robotics, process engineering, telecommunications, logistics, , thermotechnics, electronics, information and communication technologies, materials.

Compared to the previous year, the novelty is a more expansive appearance of exhibitors in the field of equipment production and technologies for the preparation and treatment of water and gases, as well as manufacturers of packaging, machinery and equipment for industrial packaging. They are joined by a group of exhibitors in the field of additive and 3D technology (procedures and devices used for making prototypes and functional products of different materials) and installations (electrical installation materials, cables, conductors, etc.)

It is understood that the fair conceptual emphasis on innovation and new technologies, and the exhibitors have announced more than 100 innovations, novelties, prime ministers or exclusivity in different sectors already in the pre-broadcast period. About half of the reported innovations relate to domestic companies. An important part of the scientific research segment will be presented under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and before the visitors will be found all six teams-finalists in the competition for the best technological innovation for 2017 in Serbia.

One of the curiosities of this year's Fair of Techniques is that it takes place on the 80th anniversary of Belgrade's Autumn Fair in 1938, when Philips presented the first, historic TV transmission system in the Balkans, then "the greatest wonder of the technique". Through the television broadcasting station, the programs could be watched by the audience on the receivers in the pavilions. Exactly twenty years later, and 60 years before this year's Technical Fair, on August 23, 1958, Radio-Television Belgrade began broadcasting its first TV program from the studios at the new Belgrade Fair. In the diary that started at 20:00, the opening of the 2nd International Fair of Techniques and Scientific Achievements (right after the news review and "Tito on the Highway"), which was just started, was announced live. Thus, the history of television in this region is "fateful" related to the history of the Tech Fair.

The Technical and Technical Achievements Fair will open a gates for visitors on Monday, May 21st. Working hours will be from 10 to 18 hours, and on the last day of the fair from 10 to 17 h. Individual tickets will cost 300 dinars, group 200, and for pupils and students 100 dinars. Parking for passenger cars will cost 100 dinars per hour.