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Sterijino pozorje - festival of national drama and theater

This year's 63rd edition of the festival will last from 26th May to June 3rd.

This festival is held in Novi Sad every year at the end of May with a repertoire based on the selection of the selectors. The festival program includes two selections: competitive selection of national drama and theater and selection of Circles.

As a permanent festival of national drama and theater competition, Sterijino pozorje was founded in 1956, as part of marking the 150th anniversary of the birth and 100th anniversary of the death of great Serbian comedian Jovan Sterija Popovic. In defining the program and the status of Sterijino pozorje, the most prominent figures of the then society, culture and art participated. In the first Steering Committee of the Sterijino pozorje (City Council of Novi Sad, March 29, 1956) were, among others, Josip Vidmar (president), Ivo Andric, Milan Bogdanovic, Branko Gavela, Velibor Gligoric, Dimitar Kjostarov, Mladen Leskovac, Veljko Petrovic, Tomislav Tanhofer, Radomir Radujkov, Miloš Hadžić ... Then clearly articulated program goals: through the permanent national drama festival to promote theater art and stimulate the development of drama literature.

This year's 63rd edition of the festival will last from 26.05. - 03.06. and more information as well as the complete program can be found at: http://www.pozorje.org.rs