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58th Dragačevo Trumpet Festival - Guča 2018

58th Dragačevo Trumpet Festival will be held from 9th to 12th August 2018.

The Dragačev Trumpet Festival, also known as the Guča Festival, is a traditional festival event and a unique show of tuba that is held each year in the town of Guca, in Dragačevo, in the region of Western Serbia.

Almost a million visitors from Serbia and abroad come to the town of two thousand inhabitants each August. Thanks to the Guca Festival, it became known throughout the world as a place to hold the biggest festival of trumpet music around the globe, where other traditional values, such as traditional songs, games and costumes from the Dragačevo and Western Serbia regions, are still obscured.

The first Dragačev Brass Band was held on October 16, 1961 in the port of the Church of the Holy Arrangel Gavrila, in the center of Guca, where only Orchestras from Dragačev participated, and the winner of the first assembly was Desimir Perišić. At the first assembly, the anthem of the festival, the traditional song "With Ovcara and Kablar" was established, which today is a song that in the performance of over 200 trumpeters of the contestants, is a trademark of the council.

Orchestras from all over Serbia come to the festival for decades, and Guca accepted the best instruments and orchestras. The Assembly soon became the "High School" of trumpet, where quality was always recognized, gained and quality was achieved and achieved. That's the way it is today.

In order to win the title "the first trumpet of Guca" after the passage of pre-qualification competitions, it is necessary to come to Guca and in the competition of twenty top orchestras to confirm the title of the master of the trumpet, and this can only be done under the umbrella of Dragačevski sabor, by performing various pieces, primarily folk carts and songs in a free harmonic arrangement, with a dramatic dynamic in the style characteristic for the end where the orchestra comes from.

More information about this year's assembly and the complete program can be found at http://www.gucafestival.rs