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33rd Days of beer in Zrenjanin

The manifestation "Days of Beer" was created in 1986, in honor of 240 years of beer production in Zrenjanin.

Since then, full three decades, up to the present day, about twenty thousand a day attracts the tasting of excellent beers and basically two different programs. One is more rural, barren and disorganized, and the other more urban, well-groomed and "naminkan". In the open space in the innermost center of the city center, in several stages, there are programs that satisfy different interests, tastes and ages. Zrenjanin became a festival city at that time, because several smaller festivals are taking place, among which are: International Folklore Festival "Lala", Festival of Tamburitza "Prim for Primus, Festival of Beer", Festival of Traditional Folk Creation "Banat Values", International Festival of wedding customs and Festival of handbags, sweatpants, duplicates and scarves. In addition to the colorful folk costumes, the traditional beer competition is held in the quick brewing of beer and durability of a litter full of beer.

The INOCOOP International Entrepreneurship Fair, as well as a mini fair of folk handicrafts and old crafts, is an integral part of the program of the manifestation. In the context of the accompanying program, during the Zrenjanin Beer Festival, at various points, sports programs are also taking place, such as basketball tournament, beach volleyball, jumping in water from the bridge, promotion of martial arts ... To the glory of the industrial town of the city and a drink whose drinking and respecting these underground for centuries, every year with new ideas, keeping the good and showing people happy, delighted and relaxed, the Zrenjanin tourist and cultural event has the pretension to become a true beer festival.

This year, the 33rd edition of the event will be held from August 27th to September 2nd, and besides various types of beers you will be able to enjoy the concerts of Haris Džinović, Riblja Čorba, Bajaga i Instruktori, Marija Šerifović, Lexington Band, Darko Rundek and many others. More information at http://www.danipiva.rs