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55th Ljubičevo Horsemanship Games

The festival of Pozarevac, for all lovers of horsemanship and equestrian skills, is held at the beginning of September.

Then the gates of Požarevac are symbolically opened and the International Tourism and Sports Event "Ljubičevske konjičke igre" starts. From the ceremonial defile of the participants to the final competition of the multicolored players in the crowded stadium, everything is "a key" from the great desire for winning and cheering their favorites. The program of games, intertwined with customs, tradition and culture, includes: unique Ljubičevski Quarter, children's volunteering, throat exhibition, remote riding, match in skating, gallop and crash races.

Ljubičevski višeboj is by its originality, beauty and dynamism unique competition of brave boys on selected horses in five traditional disiplines (cutting with swords, spear shooting, courier riding, shooting by shooting and shooting with topaz).

The Knight's winning hand of the multicolored, besides the monetary prize, receives a cup, a cloak and a sword. The Sablja is unique, specially trained for the knight of the Ljubičevske Games, and every new winner of the Multibox gets it from its predecessor and proudly preserves it until the next Ljubičevski konjički games. The Sabbath has an engraved knightly motto: "Do not take me without a cause - do not return me without honor". In the end, the city gets its hero - Vitez Ljubicev. The Games are organized by the Tourist Organization of Pozarevac with the Knez Mihailo Horse Club, under the auspices of the City of Požarevac.

This year's 55th Lubicevo Horse Games are held from August 31st to September 2nd.