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Enjoying the magic of the winter fair in the Ethno village of Tiganjica

Our youngest ones will again have the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the winter fair in the Ethno village of Tiganjica. The new fair for retailers is scheduled for Sunday, December 23rd, at 1pm.

The idea of ​​this beautiful event, which has been held for several years now, is to enable the children to be creative and express their creativity in public and enjoy the role of retailers on small stalls. Apart from the sale of what the kids did, a very interesting program with many entertainers, games is being organized, and everything is being held in the beautiful Ethno village Tiganjica, which adorns beautiful scenery, landscaped playgrounds and various domestic animals.

This year's event, like in the previous years, has been supported by many celebrities, and animation will also be organized for children who do not participate in the role of the seller, so everyone is welcome to enjoy the unforgettable weekend.

During the time of the children's fairy tale, products will be found on Christmas and New Year's holidays, such as the delicious specialties our grandmothers are fond of each month, such as buns, strawberries or cakes. The holiday is a great opportunity to prove the same grandmas who like to hat hats, gloves, scarves or anything else they can do and help their little dealer. Also, creative moms and aunts can help their kids to create new year's greeting cards, decorations, candles, magnets, jars, cups and other New Year's deacons. The manifestation has been actively involved for many years as well as numerous preschools and elementary schools of lower grades, as well as numerous humanitarian organizations from several cities in Serbia.

For the duration of the event, a discount was granted for all the accommodation so parents could spend their weekend with their kids in the highest quality.