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A true knight's tale in Belgrade

Festival Vitez Fest in Belgrade,at 8th and 9th april.

KNIGHT Knight's FEST is a multimedia spectacle that takes place on the great holiday of children - Willow day / Blooms at the Belgrade Fortress. Under the slogan: "boys and girls, become princes and princesses!" Revives law pravcatu modern interactive fairy tale.

Creating a unique experience for children and tourists, in an innovative and educational way connects fairytale time of knights and modern times, the Belgrade fortress Despot Stefan and Camelot of King Arthur, knights' tournaments and computer games, medieval clothes and high fashion, theater and multimedia installations, courtly music and techno, forged a sword and a hologram, Serbia and the world.

Ethics and aesthetics, nobility and beauty are key objectives and role models pursued Nj. K. V. Kneginja Linda Karadjordjevic and all elected colleagues of the Royal Order of Knights, returning vascelom world and our posterity, the best picture of Serbian knight Sv. Despot Stefan Lazarevic, the founder of Belgrade and the glory of the Royal Order of Knights.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Serbian Knight is a brand that has the power and the hinterland to bring Serbia to a higher level, as do the castles of the Loire in France, the samurai of Japan. Thus, the implementation and development KNIGHT FEST, Belgrade becomes the town of Vitez, children and joy.

Year after year, the Knights FEST progresses and expands the new programs, in order to grow into a large, international, cultural and tourist event and brand Belgrade as Knight's Castle.

More info http://www.vitezfest.org