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40th Fruška Gora Marathon

Start of Marathon is on Saturday, April 22 at 9:00 pm, on the slopes of Fruska Gora, Popovici, 10 km south of Novi Sad, and 5 km from Sremska Kamenica. Except for a small marathon East-West and West-marathon trainee west.

Start the marathon on the course of Joy and Satisfaction at Popovici on Saturday 22 April at 8:15 pm. Start behind the central stage, as well as all previous years.

For this 40th marathon prepared a total of 19 trails of varying length and varying height differences, starting with the shortest of 10,144 kilometers, with an altitude difference of 472 meters to one of the longest 133.614 kilometers, with an altitude difference of 5,954 meters and they are all drawn in hilly, forest belt of Fruska Gora, which is only a step away from the hectic and nervous city.

In the days of marathon to Popovice (start and finish of the marathon) and vice versa, marathoners will transport buses of GSP, and the departures of buses were organized in Novi Sad in front of the train station and bus stops at the beginning of Liberty bridge and the city of Sremska Kamenica. Due to possible traffic jams, start the marathon a little earlier. For pre-school children and their associates who participate in the Walk of joy and satisfaction organized a special bus transportation GSP departing from the station at 7:00 pm, with a stop at bus stops in front of the Liberty Bridge and the center of Sremska Kamenica.

Accommodation can be arranged at Popovici in their own tents, collecting tents in mountain refuges or in any other manner, or with the prior written confirmed booking. Taps on Popovici in homes and camps on Friday 21.04.2017. at 22:00 hours, when switched off all the lights and music. After 22:00 hours must reign much-needed peace and quiet for a good sleep before the next day efforts that we expect in the marathon.

Complete the registration process, group application form and secondly, you can download on the site Fruškogorski Marathon: http://www.fruskogorski-maraton.com