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Museums of Serbia in promoting the cultural heritage of our country

Initiative of museums across Serbia to come together in common action to promote the cultural heritage of our country for the third time in a row, will be held this year from 11 to 20 May. During the ten days will be marked Sunday the National Museum, the International Museum Day and European Night of Museums. This year's theme is "The Museum of the guests" - the goal is to visiting the museum, in addition to a themed exhibitions, the second hosted environment in which to present the entire heritage that keeps the audience and meet other climes with their work.

In 40 cities, 90 cultural institutions and over 120 locations have been prepared many attractive programs that will continually take place ten days from 10 am to 10 pm. From Subotica to Vranje will be raised over 100 exhibitions and a number of accompanying programs - lectures, workshops, classrooms, open studios, author and expert guidance, which will introduce us to the culture, tradition and art,

Program to all museums is free during the event.

Complete program with a timetable is available at http://www.muzejisrbije.rs