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Wine marathon - running has never been more fun!

For the first time in Serbia is organized a large wine marathon, which will be held on 23 September in Palic. This event is for anyone who wants to enjoy in nature, good wine, gastronomy, jogging, recreation and above all - good fun!

For many years, in many wine regions in the world of wine is organized races which are very popular and attract a large number of guests from home and abroad. A special feature of the marathon is the carnival spirit and wine refreshment stations where participants will be able to taste the wines are made from grapes from vineyards that are just ran. All visitors and participants of the Wine Marathon expect and tours of local wineries, many interesting and educational wine shop, tasting the best wines from this part of Serbia and the region, all with the famous local cuisine, music concerts and entertainment for all ages!

Wine marathon Wine consists of racing and racing enjoyment. Palic Wine Race 2017 is designed for professional and recreational athletes, with the emphasis on good time participants. Wine trail race length is about 23 km and passes through picturesque scenery of Lake Palic and the environment, through the vineyards, in addition to wineries, farms and many okrepnih cell with fruits, wines, water, delicious snacks. For those who wish to pursue a run, all this and more treats will certainly be welcomed by the end of the race at the finish.

Race consumption is free and is intended for all ages, recreational runners and walkers, nature lovers and wine without registration, winners and prizes. Open to all who want it! Track Racing enjoyment of debt is six kilometers. In addition to enjoying the slow running or walking through the idyllic landscapes, hanging out on the track and sipping premium wines, one of the main features of this race is the carnival spirit that is reflected in the imaginative costumes of the participants. The participants with the most original and most imaginative costumes expect special rewards!

All interested parties can apply through the website http://www.vinskimaraton.rs