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Dani Vajferta - the city where it all began!

"Dani Vajferta" is the city event, which every year is held in Pančevo, at 09th and 10th June, under the slogan "The city where it all began."

The intention of the organizers of the event, the Tourist Organization of Pancevo, is to promote the image and part of a reputable Pancevac George Vajferta highlight tourist, cultural, artistic and economic potential of the city of Pancevo.

Life George Vajferta, industrialist, first governor of the National Bank, the founder, and admirers of art collector and philanthropist, patron of children, women and the poor, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the tourist tour of Pancevo. Based on the idea that the efforts of the Tourist Organization in the context of an event and a number of different programming content public to the rich industrial and cultural heritage of Pancevo and famous people who were born in it and / or lived.

Journey through the life and legacy of George Vajferta of his birth and childhood, until the last days and death (1850-1937), in Pancevo to 09 and June 10, briefly revive the long-forgotten time pioneering venture: The first domestic brewery famous in Europe , mining activities that were rumored and outside our borders, the first banking transactions, significant investments in arts and science, and most importantly, selfless charity.

Affirming values ​​that George Weifert fostered (diligence, curiosity, pioneering spirit, responsibility, altruism) manifestation "Days Vajferta" aims to re-establish community spirit by which the citizens of Pancevo were recognized throughout history.
"Dani Vajferta" for the great pleasure inform that this year the event also features 17 small breweries, which we offer 55 different beers unique, rich, full flavor. Light, dark, red, amber, golden, brown, dull, full, fruity, citrus, caramelized, flavors of coffee and chocolate, moderate or bitterer, light, softer, harder, more or less aerated, creamy, small or large foam barley in many ways, wheat, rye, with one or more types of malt and hops, in Czech, German, Belgian, English, Slovenian or some unique local recipe.

More information can be found at http://www.danivajferta.rs