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"When Tisa Flower" - a festival of love and fun

On Friday, June 9th, begins a three-day event "When Tisa Flower".

As organizers of the event say, Tisa is the only river in the world, next to the river Jang Jang Cek in China, "flower" or where insect that lives during their breeding cycle flies out of the water, giving it the appearance of gardens filled with beautiful, white flowers. It also mentions the legend that those who lean burning candles set of Tisza during its flowering, fulfill the desires of love.
With all this, it is planned and interesting supporting program. On Friday, June 9, at 18 am we will have Ethno Street, at 21.30 a concert, a 22-hour program follows on the water and partying. Saturday's events begin at 16 pm Decius Street, continue at 18 am Ethno street, and on Saturday they planned a concert program and on the water as on the previous day. The program of the event will end on Sunday competition in kite flying that starts at 16 o'clock.

Source: webinfo.rs