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Warm up for Belgrade Beer Fest on Ada Ciganlija

Excellent warming for Belgrade Beer Fest was the Beer Garden event on Ada Ciganlija for the past two years, which became an unavoidable summer destination in Belgrade.

This will be the summer of July 7-30, when Belgraders and their guests, hot summer days and evenings will be able to spend their time in a beer garden, located in a natural shade, at the well-known site of the popular Belgrade resort. The third Beer Garden will be open every day from 17:00 until midnight, and the main focus will be on your favorite drink - beer.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the tastes of more than 100 species, among which are domestic craft beers, which can usually be found only in specialized pubs. Lovers of the ever popular "craft" brewery movement will be able to taste the best tastes in one place where they can boast small beers in Serbia.

For an excellent mood and festival atmosphere all days except Mondays, excellent musicians will take care, which during the year create the best atmosphere in the capital clubs.

The music program will be divided into two segments. From 18:00 to 20:00 in the framework of the "Gardens" program, guests of the Beer Gardens will be able to enjoy the sounds of blouse, rock music, domestic and foreign hits, performed by bands led by one of the best blues guitarists and acoustics masters, Nenad Zlatanovic, Vojislav Djukic Koki and Dejan Vozlic.

Famous club and cover bands like King Size, Plutonia, Witch 1, Prorok, Supermens, Evillution, Pot and Dram will be in charge of the great evening entertainment from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm, which will play the most current and evergreen hits of domestic and foreign pop rock scene.

The Beer Garden event was visited by more than one hundred thousand people who enjoyed the latest beer tastes and numerous music concerts, so with kids, five and bike friendly, Beer Garden provided a sense of complete relaxation and immediacy. So this year will be in the garden of good entertainment, which offers its guests a refuge from the city heat and a pleasant place to socialize with friends. This, now a cult event, which is entered on the map of the summer festival of Belgrade, is eagerly waiting for our fellow citizens and numerous guests of our city.