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14th carnival in Leskovac

Leskovački Carnival is a manifestation that has been taking place since 2006.

The intention is to revive memories of the Easter processions that took place in the streets of Leskovac in the thirties of the last century. Today Leskovački Carnival is one of the most visited manifestations in Serbia.
The idea to create a carnival was found in a discreet intention to move the charm of carnival fun to the streets of the city and to wander in the distant Rio, to the Mediterranean, to the masquerades, to the beauty of the vast squares of jugglers, fireworks, miracles, magicians, guards of tradition ... Then it got stuck in the native history and customs of the south of Serbia. There they encountered koledare, dodole, lazarice and queens, which inspired the ancestors that in the 1920s and 30s of the past century they organized several carnivals for memory.

This year's 14th edition of the festival will be held from 3rd to 6th July.